what we found

what we found...

We went on a journey. 


We carried songs and guitars, books, boxes of recorded music, laptops, t-shirts, drums, keys, maps, excitement, hope, uncertainty….


We left our beds, homes, chores, children, neighbors, routine, ripe tomato vines…


We found…

ears, tears, hearts,

Hope affirmed, open homes,

provision, disappointment, fatigue, rest,

sunsets, Starbucks, goodness from strangers,

friendship, full auditoriums, empty cafes,

crisp harvested cornfields, creative companions,

kind words, interdependence, Joy,

two-hour traffic lines, tollbooths, river crossings

and quiet country roads...

A woman whose husband has abandoned her...A man who survived an explosion in Afghanistan…A little girl who wants to be a singer…A man and woman who lost their son to accidental overdose and have filled their home with love for daughter-in-law and grandchild…Beautiful family built through adoption…A young couple in year one of marriage…A large church filled with broken ones and healed ones…


And we returned to our beds, homes, chores, children, neighbors, routine, over-ripened tomato vines…


Suitcases and souls full of the found. 


Reveling in received fruit. 

And we thought we would be doing the pouring.