SO excited about this...

If you want to make a musician really happy, give us a chance to play side by side with some of our favorite fellow artists. It's's just special. :) Like a kid in a candy shop. And it doesn't hurt that some of the pressure of carrying a whole concert by yourself is relieved. I know I'm not the only singer/songwriter who gets bored with herself and appreciates a little variety. SO. If you are anywhere near Durham, NC, on JUNE 17,and you come on downtown to the Reality Center (916 Lamond Avenue) with me, Wade Baynham (formerly of The Basics), and Carolina Story (Ben & Emily Roberts - East Nashville's cutest musical couple)'ll be so happy you did.

Icing on the cake: the other great musicians coming alongside of us - Dale Baker (drums), Tim Carless (electric), and David Kline (bass).

I'm serious. I LOVE these people. You will love these people. And their music.

AND: we're playing for donations. So, no financial excuses. :)

Check them out: