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OCTOBER SINGLE: I Can't Get Small Enough

OCTOBER SINGLE: I Can't Get Small Enough

The kids and I just got home Monday night from a 4-day trip back "home" to Raleigh. We haven't been back since we left in July, and we were all super excited to hang out with our people there. 

But as we started rounding familiar corners, the first thing that grabbed all of our attention was the lush green wall of 80-foot pine trees and sweet gums on either side of the road. That's Raleigh. Trees for miles. Green, green, green all year. 

The trees are highly protected in Raleigh, so that strip malls can be almost hard to spot. And the houses, even the big small, surrounded, overwhelmed.

When we moved to that place, I initially hated those trees, felt suffocated and closed in, not enough sky.

I'm different now...