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Oh, Your Love - for mothers and their children

Thinking about motherhood this week, as I watch the kids make secret plans for Sunday. Aware of how this phenomenon called parenting alters a person.  As she pushes her child away from her body and into the world, she begins the work of teaching him how to separate from her.  Slowly but surely, she prepares him to leave.  And at the same time, she learns to how to push herself towards him and his needs, away from her own.

Sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

Some of you feel you have no mother to celebrate, even if she is living. Some were wounded and betrayed by her. Some have just been born into motherhood and are terrified of the responsibility.

We have this in common, all of us having been born to a flawed woman in need of grace.  If you haven't found something to celebrate in your own mother, perhaps this song will be a peek into the possible. A hallway of hope for the children who come into your life, to be mothered by you in some way. After all, everyone needs mothering.

My own mother?  She's just beautiful.  If you've met her, you know what I'm talking about.  She will never claim any talent or physical beauty, though it's there.  But time has taught her how to shine in the most marvelous way.  This woman knows how to love.  In fact, she doesn't know how not to...she doesn't leave a grocery store without hugging a cashier.  It's what she was born to do.  And the love of the Maker through this little redheaded woman has sent out millions of ripples across the waters of humankind since 1948.   She is leaving a legacy of love.

I'm so grateful.

This is a little something I wrote this week and late last night, Aidan said he'd work a little FLIP video magic for me.  As you can see, we are a very high-tech family.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.


Oh, Your Love (Christa Wells)

I know that you knew

You raised us to leave you

Raised us to run with a torch in our hands

I know that you knew

What your love would do

Sent us out sailors with the wind at our backs


I know that you gave

Without keeping record

Except to be certain you had nothing left

I know that you gave

Til it hurt though you never

Admitted anything but the joy and gladness


Ooh, your love always carried us


I know that you followed us

Late in the darkness

Pulled up the blankets, covered us in prayer

I know that you followed

Our paths to independence

With a great deal of patience and a little bit of fear


But ooh, your love always carried us


I know that you see us

The way we were back then

You can’t let go, you can’t really let us go

But I hope that you see how

You took those little children

To the light that leads us all to our true home


And ooh, your love always carries us

Oooh, your love will always carry us


I know that you knew what your love would do

Your family loves you.