Living Room

Sing along tonight?

In Nashville this week, I had the rare opportunity to go out with Mom and hear some live music last night.  Listened to several accomplished songwriters at Cindy Morgan's benefit for the Leukemia Society sing in the round, telling stories - some lighthearted, some serious - about the music they have made, and perform them for us simply, guitars or piano.  I sat leaning back, absorbing the phrases, language and melody, hearing them sprinkle each other's tunes with harmony...loving every line.

Before that event had finished, we buzzed out and over to Family Wash in East Nashville to hear our friends, Ben and Emily, from Carolina Story.  And I swear I couldn't stop smiling the whole time they played, being completely delighted by their creativity and the layers just these two build into a tune.

I don't get out for live music much these days, but it was awesome.  And a reminder of what it can feel like to have someone else wash your feet with music.

So with that in mind, I invite you to join me tonight with the generously gifted Nicole Witt, in her living room just outside Nashville.  What's that you say?  You're in Alaska tonight?  No problem.  Just follow this link:

...and log in (easy) to join us from wherever you are. Apparently you can chat there - enter questions or file complaints :) - so we'll have someone on duty there to pass on your messages.

Sure, it's not quite the same as hearing the sound fill a room or getting to swap stories in person.  But come along anyway. And bring the whole family.  Mine will be there. :)

Time: 7-8pm Central

With humble gratitude for your ears and hearts,