Now that we're home (home home in North Carolina), it's time to unpack.

Physically, that looks like a bedroom floor piled with a mayhem of luggage and car trash.  :)  That's going to take a few days.

Spiritually, it's been underway for several weeks and will continue long after the clothes get sorted and put away.  Blogging is helpful not only to readers but to the writer...when Kat , who sees herself as one who passes out torches (and I agree), asked me to post some reflections of our journey - why we did it - on her blog, I was grateful for the push.  Too often, we mean to write but never get around to it.  (Even people who write for a living!)

I'd LOVE for you to hop over here to Inspired to Action (which is one of my favorite places to get motivated), where Kat so graciously made room for me on her couch.


Thank you. You guys have been (and continue to be) immensely encouraging to me, not just with the release of How Emptiness Sings, but over the months, with your lifting-up letters and stories.  They always seem to appear in the Inbox at just that moment when I'm beginning to wonder about all this and where it belongs.

It belongs with you.  And not surprisingly, you and I are a lot alike.  Which "adds to the beauty" (credit Sara Groves) by reminding all of us that we are less alone amongst humans than we sometimes feel.

So.  That's it.  Thanks. Now go get inspired.   :)