IJM: 5 Weeks for Freedom - Nashville

(Me, IJM Staffers Daria Wilson and Amy Lucia, Sara Groves)

I've been hearing about International Justice Mission for a while now, primarily in association with my friend Sara Groves who has been a passionate supporter and contributor to IJM.  Interestingly, we had just recently talked about IJM and the possibility of my contributing at some point, when I got a call from the coordinator of the Nashville 5 Weeks for Freedom event, asking if I could participate.  This was just a couple of weeks ago, and the event took place on Saturday (July 10).  It seemed meant to be, and I was excited to be with them and learn more about their work.

I am still shocked by the numbers and the stories...more slaves today than during the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade (four centuries!)??!!?  How is this possible?  Why don't we hear more about it?  Young children (like yours and mine), women (like you and me), tricked and trapped into brothels, violently abused every night.  Widows and their children forced off their own land, left to wander without provision or shelter.  This is happening.  Right now it's happening.

There are laws in place, laws that prohibit slavery.  IJM's investigators, attorneys and social workers are entering into the gap and not only rescuing and rehabilitating the victims, but going after the source of corruption and bringing oppressors to justice.  They are currently at work in 13 developing countries around the world and have brought thousands of people out of slavery It's no small thing.

There are lots of ways to be a part of this good work.  You don't have to be famous or rich or available to travel.  Check out the numerous possibilities...all you really need is to care enough to act.  To do or share what God puts in your hands to do or share.  In the face of tremendous need everywhere in the world, we can become paralyzed and do nothing, since we can't do everything.  Doing nothing can't be an option for people who have been given everything that is needed for Life.

By the way, a super easy way you can join in right now:  Grab your phone and TEXT "FREEDOM" to 20222...$10 without even having to put a stamp on an envelope.  Could we together ask 100,000 people to do that once this summer?

(My sister Mandy played & sang with me.)

I gave a few songs and it's not enough to save even a small village. But if we pass out the bread God has entrusted us with, can we not trust God to make it matter?