Masterpiece Project 2012: Already/Not Yet

Some fun sound & images for you today! A week ago, we crossed the mountains of western North Carolina after a 12-day trip to Boston/Cape Cod, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Needless to say, with the constant change of routine around here, my attempt to post anything regularly this summer did not pan out.

Ah, well.  :)  You had plenty to do and read without my help, I'm sure.

As you probably know if you've been hanging around here awhile, one of the best things about summer for me is the week I spend at Masterpiece Project in southern Kentucky.  This year may have been my favorite year yet.  Word must have finally gotten out, because we had more young artists than ever apply and sadly had to turn a few away.  It is just that special. Our theme this year was: Already/Not Yet, which was a provocative springboard for our camp-wide collaborative project.

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Growing up, we had no camp for creative students, but we did have parents who supported and encouraged our creative endeavors, paid for music lessons, attended performances, and gathered around the piano joining in our sing-alongs.  So last week when, for the first time in Masterpiece history, all my siblings and both my parents were at camp together at one time, it was the heartfelt plea of our dear Mom that we sing something together one night at open mic.  :)

Here we are obliging Mom's request (l-r: Mandy Rogers Horton, Gordon Rogers, Jeremy Botts (dear old friend & artist/Wheaton College prof), and Reagan Mountain) with a song I wrote for the Definitions Conference (inspired by Hebrews 11, lyrics below).  I love that you can hear Masterpiece camper voices singing along by the end.

For a Faith Like That 

I ask for one thing

Of the gifts you could give me

What I want is what I need

Give me faith like an old oak tree

The faith of our fathers

Lord, plant and I’ll water

Plant and I’ll water deep


Til I offer like Abel

Til I bless like Jacob

Imagine like Abraham under the stars

Let me speak like Samuel

Let me dance like David

Remember like Moses where I belong 

For a faith like that


To wait the promise

When I can’t see the finish

To go the distance

Heart set for the city of gold

To welcome the danger

Knowing I am a stranger here

Lord, let me persevere

For your glory




I pray that whatever comes to me along this way

I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you by faith

Lord, if I do it’s only by grace

By grace


Chorus x2


I ask for one thing

Of the gifts you could give me

What I want is what I need

Give me faith like an old oak tree

(c) 2012 kiss me not publishing


Also from our time at Masterpiece, fun was had by these three groups of songwriting students in our workshop on Day 1, as they got to know each other and shared some of their musical awesomeness.  Their assignment: rewrite the lyrics to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and then create new music for your new lyrics.  Voila!