Studio Pics

Bonjour, Guten Tag, Hello!

I hope those of you in our neck of the woods have been enjoying the snow as much as we have.  I can't say we deserved a break just yet, since we are still unpacking from our post-Christmas trip to Tennessee, but we have enjoyed the slowdown nonetheless. 

I have a few pictures from our week in the studio I thought I'd share.  We didn't take many bc we were busy doing the video blog, but there are a few.  I'll post a couple here in this blog, and then put the rest in the photo the link on the right.  Oh, and I'll have to add in a couple snow pics, too, just for fun.

So, I'm curious...if you have read my last blog ("A Year for Fools"), what "foolish" thing are you going to attempt this year? 

I really want to know. 

If we put it out there, we could touch base again at the end of the year and swap stories of great failures and great successes!  I'll start: 

I'm going to release this new project independently and pack up the family and carry the music here and there around this country and maybe some others (my sister is going to be in Austria this fall, so we're thinking "why not?")...I'm not 20 years old, and I don't have (or want) the financial backing of a big label...but there are people to meet and stories to tell and songs to sing...  Why should that not be important--necessary even--if that is what has been placed in our hands?  I'm no longer content to write a whole lot of songs and wait for one percent of them to be adopted by a mainstream artist, when I have a decent pair of hands and a voice and a heart that knows the stories. Feels...I don't know...wasteful?

So.  That's one thing.  But there are other, less exciting things, too.

What about you?  Please tell us your story, your idea, your compulsion, big or small.  You're going to do something brave and new this year, aren't you?  What is it?

Christa & Nicole Witt
Toby, Christa, Sara & Troy