Skylar & Toney-Paite Phillips

A few weeks ago, we hosted a house concert for our young friends, the Phillips sisters. These two young ladies write & perform their own music, both playing guitar, and weaving all sorts of intriguing harmonies. 

 And, are you ready for this? They are 10 and 12 years old. 

 That's right. Middle school.What were you doing in middle school? :) I'll tell you what I was doing: making up secret codes so my best friend and I could pass notes in class. 

 These girls are making the world a more lovely place by writing and sharing their music already--music that is both catchy and pleasing, but also quite substantial in terms of themes and ideas. Not the typical Disney fare we've come to expect from this age group (no fault to the age group! We blame Disney! LOL) 

 We invited families with kids to attend and began the night with open mic time for all kids. Surprisingly, we had more than a few takers, reciting poetry, telling jokes, singing songs...beautiful. I WISH I had had the camera on for the very first young girl--age 7, I think--who didn't know anyone present. She walked right up, sat on the stool and recited a BEAUTIFUL original poem! We were blown away! 

 Anyway, it was a great night. Maybe you should try it on one of these warm summer nights. Have some friends over, and tell them you'll bring cake and coffee if they bring a poem. 

Check out the Phillips sisters: