Our Hope Endures at Radio

Just a note to let you know that Our Hope Endures, co-written and recorded by Natalie Grant, has been released as a single this week.  If you are so inclined, you could call your local station and request it.

The radio version is a little bit different than the album track, so you'll have to hear it and see what you think.  Her voice is gorgeous on both, it's just a new interpretation/production.  If you haven't come across it yet, I hope you'll listen and find encouragement there.  Although this song has been compared to Held, it is not a parallel lyric...maybe the next chapter.  As I've said in another blog post...there is so much to be said about suffering, about uncertainty, it cannot be captured in one musical piece.  Or one hundred, for that matter.  It is for that reason that artists from the beginning of time and until the end of time attempt to grasp and portray some aspect of it. 

I wrote this song after hearing a man say something to this effect:  My wife and I have had many pregnancies and two live births, but only one living child.  People have offered "hope" in the way of optimism..."Surely next time..." and positive thinking and warm wishes.  But what if "next time" is not what we have prayed for either?  What then?  What good is that brand of hope, really?  What we heard from the church, though, was about a hope that is objective and unchanging, a living Person--Jesus Christ.  That's Hope.

As an artist, my intention was to capture that side of heartache--the Hope side.