Orphan-care and Adoption Benefit Concert

Random tidbit:

I've just been reading about education.  The particular approach--Thomas Jefferson Education--may be controversial in some circles, but the premise that one person cannot educate another person, is provocative to me.  One may TEACH another, and a great teacher INSPIRES his or her students.  But only the student can educate him/herself.  I'm pretty sure I am only now beginning to acquire the education I was supposed to be getting while in school.  Reading, writing, thinking, discussing...from real desire rather than force.  And apparently (duh) that's when real learning takes place!  Who knew?  :)


Well, on to music.  For those just tuning in, I've been working on a brand, spanking-new recording project.  Eleven songs, written on piano, performed by me along with several very talented friends, recorded at Zodlounge in Nashville.  If you want a sneak peek/listen, check out the video blogs a few posts back (seven of them), from our time in the studio.  

Many have asked about the release date...it looks like March, and I'll be more specific as soon as I can.  Some have asked about pre-ordering...don't have that in place, but am considering it.  If you sign up to stay in the "Loop" (above), I will be posting free downloads in the next couple of weeks of live performances of a couple of the tunes from the album.  Since I seldom play a song the same way twice, they will be different creatures than the studio versions, but serve well as an appetizer.  I hope.  :)

Benefit concert!  

We will be performing a benefit concert for orphan-care and adoption (through All God's Children International) here in the Raleigh area on February 13.  I would LOVE to see you there. Christ Our Hope church in Wake Forest will be hosting...Doors open at 6:30pm, music beginning at 7pm.  Childcare is available in the building for $2 per child.  Please rsvp to: admincoh@earthlink.net with number of children.  Concert is open to teens and adults...hope to see you!