Masterpiece Project 2008, here we come

*Note:  Contrary to what you might hear in the audio posted below, I do not have a lisp!  Just poor quality camera audio...I'll try to fix that before I post again.  In the meantime, you can imagine what I would have sounded like without second grade Speech therapy!

Well, we are down to the wire.  Less than two days before I fly out to Nashville and then drive to the brand new Spectrum Ministries retreat center where Masterpiece Project 2008 will take place.  Whoo hoo!!  I'm not sure how many years we've been running camps, but it's been at least six...and I look forward to it so much.  This year my oldest daughter, Sofia, will go along with me, which will be a sweet time for us together.  If you're not familiar with Masterpiece Ministries, it is about bringing young artists (high school) together for a week to explore the process of artmaking and interact on the issue of Art & Faith.  It is a fascinating (and bottomless) subject, of which none of us has grown tired after all these years.  The campers are an intimate group--about 35 this year--which allows for real relationship between peers and mentors.  We work in "studios" focusing on drama, visual art, photography, songwriting, and drama...and we also work as a whole on a collaborative project which is then presented to parents on the final day of camp.  There is so much to say about Masterpiece and our time there, but I won't try to write a lot now.  My plan was to blog during the week and share photos as the week progressed.  However, I now know that I won't have internet access at the site this year.  (yes, it's true--we really are going to attempt to survive without cyberspace--can it be possible?  stay tuned...)  So instead I'll catch you up when I return home...sleep-deprived and brain-fried.  ha

Tonight I met with my bassist friend, Jamie Moore, and my guitar/mandolin-playing friend, Andy Wood, and rehearsed as we have been doing lately.  Drummer Simon Capell couldn't make it, due to an emergency beach vacation.  The guys are getting acquainted with all of the Rogers/Wells music and some plain old Christa Wells music, as well.  Great, wonderful, genuine guys.  I am so very grateful that they are eager to spend their precious time making music with me.  So...we filmed a little bit tonight so we could let you sit in with us for a song or two.  Sadly, the recording equipment being very (verrrry) primitive didn't adequately pick up the lovely mandolin part, so I want to save that and redo later.  Instead I'm posting another clip of My Best Remedy.  Mandy would scold me for not sitting up straight--well, I know.  Call me "Hunchy." 

My Best Remedy is a lullaby of sorts.  It goes hand in hand with my last (Sam makes me laugh) post.  You'll understand when you hear it.  Love and "peace that surpasses understanding" to each of you as you go through this next week.