Making the EP: Part Uno

As you may remember, I was in Nashville again a couple of weeks ago, this time to lay down the vocal tracks for the 7-song EP I've been working on.  These months have been so full, I actually didn't even have all the music together when I arrived, nor did I feel super solid about the songs I did have.  As I am not a speedy songwriter, but a linger-over-it-for-days-or-weeks kind of writer, I really was just trusting that God would bring the music in time.  And He did (no, I don't say God writes the songs, but He definitely inspires the good ones).  I've never done it this way, but I have to say the two songs that were written that week just might be my favorites on the album. Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the first day or two.  More installments in the coming days.  :) (You'll have to double-click the link, bc embedding isn't working today!)

Christa Wells: Making the EP, Part Uno