Love Makes Music: Recording at Chas Sanford's


So, I meant to post fun footage/pics from our day with Chas Sanford (so many credits to his name, I can't even begin...but I will...Stevie Nicks, anyone?).  Nicole, Dale and I visited Chas's home studio on December 29 to attempt the recording of five tunes (2 Christa Wells originals, 2 Nicole Witt originals, and one new co-write).  

The co-write wasn't ready, so we got the other four in and will finish as soon as Nicole can barter another 89 free vocal demos in exchange for free studio time.  :)  

We've been having so much fun sharing the stage this fall that we decided to work on developing our own trio sound further and putting together new tunes that are unique to "Love Makes Music" (as opposed to Christa Wells or Nicole Witt).  Starting with this EP, and we'll see where it leads.

So, for your amusement, a couple li'l clips Nicole posted from the day...

Being dorky...

Here we were laying a duet piano part for this new interpretation of Nicole's "Witness" (two weeks before going to Chicago to produce a whole different arrangement of the same song! You never know...)  At the end of this take, we laughed because Nicole was so in the moment, she forgot to move her hands out of my way.  Ha!

HERE you can hear a bit of the vocals we laid down.  Kind of excited about the new arrangement which will fit our live performance style:

AND here you can check out photos taken by Dale Baker (drummer!) that same day. He's got some skill in the photography department in addition to his obvious musical talent.