Late October Update

Hey, everybody.  It's Thursday!  The hardest part of the week is behind you (I hope?) and you're looking forward to the weekend, possibly trick-or-treating, smashing some pumpkins...ooh, and is this the weekend we turn the clocks back??  I know we at the Wells household are looking forward to a Saturday outing to a pumpkin farm with the coolest "back 40 playground" ever!  If you're in our area, you know what I'm talking about.  Serious fun.  

So...a couple updates.  First of all, I hope you enjoy the pics I'm posting of our rehearsal last night.  I'm so lucky to get to play with these guys.  That's Jamie Moore (other half of Season Moore, Photographer--Season, I only have a plain old digital camera, okay, so don't hate me for these photos!), Andy Wood on guitar (and sometimes Mandolin), and Simon Capell on drums/percussion.  They are gifted musicians and just plain good people.  Plus, Simon has a really cool accent and re-writes the lyrics to my music in a most original way.  

Second, if you haven't gotten over to the page on House Concerts, please take a minute to go check it out.  We would really love to play for you and your guests, but have a limited number of dates available.  Contact us as soon as possible, especially if you hope to schedule something before Christmas.  Jingle bells, jingle bells...oh, the fun to be had.

Also, I hope you'll consider joining the "fan" list by signing up above.  By signing up, you are not committing to love me forever, or even buy a CD or attend a performance (though, of course, we would appreciate it if you would).  You are simply allowing me the privilege of staying in touch with you and keeping you in the loop...or, as I'm fond of saying, the Circle of Trust.  From this point on, fans who sign up will have opportunities for exclusive downloads and other treats, and it will help me to keep you informed.  Which helps me to get a little more organized, as well. ha.  Win-win!  :)  

So, there we are.  

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