Kickstarter! Help me make a new album?

It's a little uncomfortable, yes.  A bit anxiety-producing.  Putting yourself out there to say: Hey!  I'd like to do this thing, and I...could use  Like you, I prefer to be on the giving end of things.

Well, friends.  I'd like to do this thing, and I could use your help.

I am attempting to raise $15,000 in the next 18 days.

Yeah.  That's a whole lot of money.  In a short amount of time!

I've had the hankering to get back in the studio for a while now, but haven't been able to figure out a way to make it happen financially.  I kept hearing about this great tool called Kickstarter, which lets listeners/fans/supporters/generous humans get on board early with an artist's project and really give it wings.  I've supported a couple of these projects myself and seen it work.

So I put together a video and some fun "thank-yous" (because I DO thank you!) and launched it rather quietly 11 days ago.  Now, yes, I'm aware that launching a fundraising campaign just before everyone gets offline for Thanksgiving holidays here in the U.S. isn't the grandest idea.  But.  That additional barrier just means that if this does get funded, we will be quite certain that God is actively involved.

I'm trusting.  Trusting that if this is the right course, then the Father will make the way.  I invite you to be a part of that, if you believe in the music He created me to create.  If you think it might matter.  If you are inspired and financially able to participate.

If...any of that...then please join the cause here at my Kickstarter page.  

And...I just can't say it often enough.  How grateful I am for you.

Now here, for your entertainment, is our li'l Kickstarter video put together by my friend David Vosburg at Zag Media Arts: