How to Whistle and Other Important Notes

Good Sunday. :) It rained a lot today, and it was just me and the young ones, and I cannot tell you how pleasant it was to have gray skies and wet pavement and no events on the calendar after church. We ate veggies for lunch and chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, so we feel well-balanced. I semi-napped and semi-read and fully walked the dog and kids. Even played a game of memory match, in which I discovered my memory is no match for that of my 5-year-old's. 

When you finish reading this post, take a few seconds (literally) to learn how to whistle by viewing the video I'm posting. How thankful we have to be for a reason to laugh in the world, right? 

Well, folks, I saw the final art proofs on Friday and sent back a few minor textual changes. As soon as those are back to me, we should be good to go--good to upload those audio files and get this show on the road. You've been good to stay in touch--to not forget to wait with me. 

The artwork and design, by the way, is in a way minimalistic, which is to say it's not "busy." It's not perhaps what you are expecting for a girl like me. And I absolutely love it, love where it has come from. On the cover you will see a composite of original photo chemical art created by my bro-in-law Rocky Horton ( and graphic design by Tyler Johnson of Level 2 Design ( It's really beautiful. With an album title like "Frame the Clouds" it could get really cheezy, right? I mean, if I were the one who had to design it, you'd be getting some fluffy white clouds in a blue sky with a gilded frame around them. Yeah, I wouldn't like it, either! :) So I'm happy to have handed it over to some true artists with real artistic vision. 

Finally, and on a whole "nother" subject, I owe a big apology to several readers who--I was sickened to discover this morning--had written to me through this site weeks or months ago and had not been responded to yet. If that was you, please know this was not at all intentional, and I'll be catching up with you this week. I did not have my email system well-organized and a few of your letters slipped into a giant abyss of family correspondences and were simply not seen til I started sorting. Please accept my apology and know I mean well. :) 

Okay, time for some whistling.  Double-click for full screen.