How Emptiness Sings

I made myself wait these past several months, and now we're ready to share the music we made last summer/fall before heading out to Costa Rica.  And now...I'm both eager and a little shy about actually shipping.  :) How Emptiness Sings is a 7-track EP, all new originals, recorded & produced by Zodlounge (Nashville, TN), cover art/photos/design by Shelly Eve (who, by the way, you might know as Shelly Moore - singer/songwriter).  I love it. :)

Making music is joy - made complete when others enter in, listen, and respond.  Once that interaction begins, the work seems out of the artist's hands, ownership transferred to the listener. that end, I invite you to interact with these new creatures of music & lyric.  We are adding one preview track every couple of days through the release, until all 7 are up - click the image below to listen.

Official release is March 15 (hopefully you'll be able to find it at iTunes, etc, right away) - and we are already taking orders for physical CDs here at the Store.

You have a million other places you could be right now! Thank for stopping here.  And...please respond freely...your stories bring the music to life.