Homes for Hope

I'm so sorry.  I fell off the blog wagon these past couple of weeks.  Honestly, I was too scattered and hectic to feel I had anything worthwhile to offer, and I really don't like to waste anybody's time.  I know how precious it is!  

Well, here's something fun.  Last week, Nicole Witt flew out here and we had the best time rehearsing and talking--yes, you know I like to talk--and driving down to Charlotte to play for a pre-event dinner/concert.  Not only did we laugh a lot, make music with the great Dale Baker and Jamie Moore, we also got to try authentic Ethiopian food, which I loved!  A bit spicy, very tasty.

The concert was a small taste of what is to come August 14 when SIM USA will sponsor the Homes for Hope Benefit Concert to celebrate and support the work of two homes for girls/women at risk, one in Charlotte and the other in Ethiopia (Deborah House).  Nicole and I are so excited to be a part of this.  These homes represent the work of the church, people of God who are dedicating their lives to creating homes for people who desperately need a home. Easy to talk about, another thing to really do it.  

I talked about this a few posts back--there must be more we can do...well, these groups are great examples of what can be done--and WE can celebrate, encourage, and support them in their work.  At least that.

Please take a minute to watch this film created by SIM film producer Rachel Bastarache featuring girls from both Lois Lodge and Deborah House.  And if you'd like to get a glimpse of our trip down there last week, you can check that out on Youtube.