Home from Jupiter...aiming for the sun

Just got home last night from a quick trip to Jupiter, Florida, where Mandy and I, along with our good friend, Ben Trimble, played for the beautiful people of Maranatha Church.  We played several brand new songs--songs untried before this weekend.  It went well enough that I feel comfortable putting them on the upcoming record and am excited to be able to share them with you.  For those of you who join the "Circle of Trust" I'm going to be very vulnerable and let you hear live rehearsal demos of some of them as we go along in the next few weeks.  If you liked anything from the last album, I'm pretty sure you'll love these and the new musical direction.  Figuring out who I am, musically speaking...finding my voice after all these years.  Toby and I sat in the airport talking yesterday...he gave me some valuable insight regarding my strengths and purpose. I think that's so helpful sometime, because the mirror lies, you know? What I see in a photograph is not what I saw in the mirror, and what I hear on tape is not what I hear in my head..and the way other people perceive me is not necessarily the way I perceive myself.  Try asking a close friend--or a casual one--to give you three adjectives that describe you well.  You may be surprised. 

And having that new definition doesn't have to bind you, but it can inform your direction.  I feel new clarity, and there's something so exciting about clarity! I'm ready to go now.  

Well, don't have much else to write at the moment, but I did want to touch base and say hey.  I do hope you'll support my effort to give to military families this Christmas by passing the word about the EP.  It's on iTunes now, if that makes it easier for some of you to forward the link.  If you want to help out in other ways, you can visit my page at reverbnation and pick up a widget or banner to add to your site.  No pressure...I just mention it for those of you who are feeling aimless and bored and are looking for a something to do.  :)

love and peace,