good things in Tennessee...

We got to Nashville almost a week ago.  When I drive out here with the kids, I usually figure we should stay awhile.  It's not hard, because my parents happen to live not far out of the city on a gorgeous piece of earth, where you can actually walk outside in your pajamas without fear of discovery.  I mean, you could walk a sizeable distance, too!  

The weather has been perfectly beautiful, too, and we've had all sorts of family and old friends around, not to mention dogs.  I'm so glad for times like this to exhale, have a change of scenery, have MOM making most meals!  :)  Is that so wrong? 

Now, visitors are heading home--trickling down the drive and away--and it's a bittersweet quiet.  More space can be nice, but the sudden absence can kick you in the gut a little.  I expect one day I will know that feeling in a more profound way when our kids start leaving us.  

"A mother is to be left."  Someone once quoted that to me...from where?  Freud's mother??  Can't remember. 

While I'm here, though, I'll visit with friends and have a few meetings and write some music and perform a little.  If you're in the area, I would love to see you at Puckett's in Franklin on Sunday evening.  Nicole Witt and Billy Montana and I will be sharing the final round in an evening of singer/songwriter performances to benefit the YMCA.  Starts at 5:30pm, I think, and we're on around 8pm.  (Cost is $30)

So far, I'm feeling energized and excited about the possibilities of sharing the stage with Nicole some more in the future and other things, too.  It's good to be free from things that used to bind--performance anxiety?  It's good to participate in community, bringing something to the table to share--even if it's just a song.  It's good to believe that good will come of all the effort.  :)

love and peace to you wherever you are tonight,