Going home

Hello, friends!  

I'm writing from my Grandma's kitchen table in Indianapolis.  It's late, and Nicole and I have just finished our last concert on this roadtrip of ours--Love Makes Music Tour Midwest.  Madison Park in Anderson, IN, was a beautiful place to end our tour, the people being so warm and gracious.  It was truly a pleasure to be there, as it was a pleasure to meet all the people we have met along the way these past two weeks.  

Home...can't get there quickly enough!  A long drive ahead tomorrow, but I won't mind, because I know I have several little faces and my own bed waiting.  

Tonight on the phone with my 5 year old daughter, I playfully said in a silly voice: "Hello!  This is your fairy godmother!  I'm going to make all your dreams come true!"  To which she replied: "Well, ONE of my dreams is for YOU to come HOME!"  :)

Me, too, baby girl.  Me, too.  

Thank you for thinking of us, praying for us, letting your friends know about us...we deeply appreciate your support and realize how much you have going on in your lives.  You choose to be here with me, and I'm grateful.

We have footage and photos all over the place, and hopefully we'll get some of it organized to share with you soon. 


Must sleep.  More soon.