GMA Award Show and other updates

Hey, everybody.  It's Tuesday night and we are supposed to be heading out to Nashville in the morning.  Alas, I came down with strep throat yesterday and have been unable to get us ready.  So we may be on the road late. It's GMA week out there, and while I'd actually love to see some of the performances this year, we're going to miss it this time around.  But this year they will be doing a live broadcast and you should definitely check it out if you can.  This is exciting:  Natalie Grant and Wynonna Judd will be performing "Bring It All Together" from Natalie's Awaken album--this is a song Shaun Shankel and I wrote and had fun with because it's a real gospel number--complete with Kirk Franklin's choir backing-- quite out of my usual style and Shaun's.  If you go to YouTube, you can find a video of Natalie and Wynonna recording the song for the record.  It's a song that reminds us that all things are being brought together for our good and His glory.  And it's fun.  :) 

I heard Amy Grant will also be performing, which I would love to see, as I spent my teen years idolizing her.  :)  It sort of kills me to miss it, honestly.  We lived in West Germany for several years when I was in middle school, and I remember waiting eagerly for friends to come back after a summer visit to the States with a copy of whatever Amy's newest album was, or the sheet music--even better--so I could pretend to be her.  ha :)  Mandy and I once choreographed a dance for Fat Baby and made our whole family watch us perform.  Imagine that.

I just got word that a former American Idol contestant has a song of mine on hold! I'm very happy about it, because I wrote the song specifically with her in mind.  So we'll see what happens and I'll let you know if and when that becomes available.

If you think of me in the next couple of weeks, please pray for our time in Nashville, that it will be a sweet time to write and connect with friends.  I would really appreciate that.   

Well, gotta run and start the packing process.  It's no small thing with a family our size.  We're talking a Suburban with the back AND top packed.  ayayay.  I know you just wish you could squeeze in between the dog and four carseats for that 10-hour drive! 

Talk to you soon.