From Nashville...Following Up!

Good morning, friends!  

I owe you an apology for not getting back on the "challenge" right away.  You know how you sometimes find yourself hitting a wall, and you have to go to bed with things undone and hope for forgiveness?  Well, it seems all spring deadlines converged into one weekend for me, and as I also prepared to head out to TN, I just couldn't get it all in.  I'm sorry.

But I really enjoyed and appreciated the thoughts you all sent in on this.  It seems a small thing, but it really has been helpful.  

AND NOW.  For exceptional use of imagery and engaging the senses in words...the award goes toooooooo...Scott Wildenberg!!!  Scott, please email me your snail mail address and I'll add you to the pre-order list.  And you should have an mp3 in your Inbox right about now.  Thank you so much.  

THANK YOU to all of you, because all of your words have given me already a better understanding of what you hear.  I sort of wish I could gather you into a room and we could have coffee and talk about ideas and music.  :) Maybe someday.

Happy Earth Day!