Creative Exercise: I Need Your Help!

Hey, there.  I could use a little assistance and thought I'd ask you, since you're here and...well, you're listening which makes me think you'd be perfect for this task.

The thing is, I'm frequently being asked to describe my music in short form--basically a sound bite.

Have you ever taken a personality test or watched yourself on video and thought: "Huh?  That's not who I thought I was!!"  Well, that's how it can be with songwriting and performance.  Internally I have a pretty solid sense of who I am and what my strengths and weaknesses are.  But that doesn't mean I can accurately describe what YOU see or hear.  

So!  I'm asking you to participate in the creation of a descriptive sentence or two that tells new listeners something true about the music and voice.  What would help you if you'd never heard my work before?

To sweeten the pot, IF I CHOOSE YOUR WORDS to use anywhere, I will send you a free copy of the new CD--autographed--on release day.  AND, you'll immediately receive one mp3--You've Got a Home-- via email, so you can listen to your heart's content while waiting for the real deal.

And to help you out, I've posted two of the tracks from the new album for you to stream (see the Listening Station in the sidebar).  THESE WILL BE UP FOR THREE DAYS.  Not sure where to begin?  You might consider engaging all the senses or drawing relevant comparisons to other artists.  What activities are best done while listening to these songs (washing last-weeks dishes, eating pizza...)?

You can post your thoughts here via the Comment link or email me above.  Although the Comment feed would be more fun for everyone.  :)

Thanks so much!!