bare feet & unpaved roads

"Teach us to count the days

Teach us to make the days count

Lead us in better ways

Cause somehow our souls forgot

Life means so much."

--Chris Rice (Life Means So Much)

Good morning, friends...Monday...How do you feel about Mondays?  I remember my friend, Julie, once saying Monday was her favorite day of the week.  I need to ask her about that...:)

I'd like to fill you in on what is going on around here these days...some have been left out of the loop uninentionally over the past few months.  It's not that I'm not excited about the doors that are opening, or that I want you in the dark--quite the opposite...but sometimes, things are so present within the walls of our own minds, we forget to say them out loud, to bring others in.

There is often the assumption in the music industry when a songwriter makes a record that it's a passing lark, a whim, just fun.  A Rogers/Wells Project was that...Mandy and I were not prepared to go out and share the music live with any regularity, though we loved working on it together...

Frame the Clouds is not the whim of a songwriter.  The music and recording was born out of deep, inner compulsion I cannot explain.  A desire to communicate to whomever might hear--however few--truth, beauty.  To say something that matters.  It wasn't there before, and I didn't expect it.  But it did come, and for the first time in my life of creating music...the ability & opportunity to perform have intersected with the desire to do so.  Toby and I together feel certain, not about the future, but about today.  

About putting one bare foot down on this unpaved road and seeing what comes next.  

Nicole Witt has been brought onto this path in a very similar way with a similar history.  Her partnership is answer to prayer.

Dale Baker (drummer) is answer to prayer.

The musicians who play/have played with us here in North Carolina (Jamie Moore/bass, Andy Wood/guitar/mandolin, Simon Capell/drums) are literally...yes. Answer to prayer.

You...who listen well.  A gift!  An answer to a prayer for something that whispers: It matters.  

One bare foot down.  Obedience.  And comes...


So, we go out and sing and play for those who come.  Five hundred.  Five.  

Loving every minute of it. And struggling hard to learn how it can be done in unconventional ways--with family, long distance, alongside other life work, and with a few years between age 21 and now.  Refusing to give power to doubt and fear or even fatigue.  

If you pray...pray for peace and right perspective, wisdom...please.

"Life means so much...teach us to make the days count..."