All the More

Hi there.  No, I'm not home from camp yet.  But I have a fancy way of posting ahead of time.  Tricked ya.  Magic.  :) 

After we recorded My Best Remedy, Toby captured this little clip of a brand new song and I just wanted to share it with you to maybe brighten your day, 'cause it's about love.  It's a little Irish feeling, and no, I'm not Irish, not even a little.  Still...the Irish have a way with lilting melodies that's so sweet.  This song began when our friend Dale Baker ( ran the Nashville marathon and actually stopped for Starbucks coffee along the way!!!  I'm not kidding.  When I heard that, I told Toby to tell him we loved him all the more for doing such a crazy thing.  That phrase then kept running through my brain, and I thought of how I fell for Toby for reasons that are obvious to anyone who meets him...but it's those other things--quirky things, great things he's unaware of in himself, even flawed things? that really make me love him that much more.  Thus, the title "All the More."  I hope you like where it's going. 

Clear as the cloudless sky/were the countless reasons that I fell/in love with a boy from a small town that I'd never heard of/It was first the great span of your grin/that caught me and reeled me in/Not the ways you tried but the strengths you were unaware of

All the more/all the more/I have loved you all the more/For the many things you don't realize you do/I have loved you all the more