A Thousand Things

The greatest thing about making music and giving it away is the opportunity to form connections with other human beings with whom I would otherwise probably never cross paths.  Sometimes it's brief and passing, sometimes only long-distance via email, but other times I have the privilege of seeing a face and hearing a life story, or part of one...being invited into sacred spaces of grief or triumph, fear and hope. When someone stays in touch, it's really delightful.  

A few months ago, I met such a person, and I just love knowing her and witnessing (long-distance) how Creator God is carrying and sustaining her through some seriously rough circumstances.  I'm so very grateful for her openness, honesty, vulnerability and childlike faith...

You inspire me, Allison.

"A Thousand Things" was a still, waiting seed in my heart for quite some time before it finally took shape, thanks to the testimonies of Angie Smith and Beth Edwards.  The way things touch, interact, connect, spread and affect each other, and we have no idea of it all on this side of heaven...

It's since become a very special song to me, and increasingly, to others as well.  

Allison asked for a li'l homemade recording of it, so here it is, in all its low-tech splendor.