3 dollars, 3 songs, and a Very Good Cause

*Well, I'm amending what I wrote below.  CDBaby was very speedy in their delivery, and the EP is already up there and ready to go.  It is NOT yet at iTunes or the other online vendors, but I'll let you know when it is, for those of you who are loyal to one place or another.  Btw, Sofia and I collaborated on the cover art for the album--although since it is available for download only, you won't get to hold it in your hands or have her autograph it.  :)  But we had a grand time piecing it together, and I think it's fairly perfect given the title track.  The bummer for me is that I chose not to custom select the audio clips, and I now wish I had.  They didn't choose the "selling" moments of the songs.  :s oh, well.  Let's admit that for $2.97, you really can't go wrong here--even in a recession!  Add to your Christmas collection and be part of a fun project at the same time.  

It is exactly 4:08pm on Wednesday...This is a sacred time of the week for me, as I have a wonderful friend/assistant/nanny who takes care of my children so that I can escape to Third Floor Studios (aka my finished attic) to write music, etc.  As tempting as it is to secretly use this time to catch some zzz's on the guest bed, it seldom happens.  :)  Today, I've been running through the songs we'll rehearse at band practice tonight--which includes a Christmas song I haven't played since...well, last Christmas.  Which brings me to something I want to bring up with you.

Very soon, my Christmas EP: Before the Tree Comes Down will be available for download at cdbaby and iTunes, etc. for the small price of $3.  Because this project was put together a year ago as a gift for donors of the Hope Christmas Ball to benefit families of active duty military, I really want to use it to continue to serve those families.  The title track sings the story of a young boy whose father is away on duty:

Merry Christmas, Daddy
Can you come home now?
I really wish you could be here before the tree comes down

If that sounds like a country lyric to you, it's because I did originally write this song in that genre (for a certain country group who shall remain nameless but whose initials are D.R.).  I don't normally write country or sing country, and I did not feign an accent, but you'll still hear the influence on that one track.  

ANYWAY.  Wouldn't it be great if we could work together to sell enough of this EP to make someone's holiday a little more special?  It's not just about their financial burden--though that is real--it's also about letting them know their sacrifice is not overlooked, that they matter to us.  That we are grateful.  

I'm going to put a page up on this site that outlines my idea for this short-term project.  But for now, would you do me a great favor?  Would you be thinking of families you know who have an active-duty service member and who could use a little encouragement?  If you don't personally know anyone, why not take a second to cut and paste this to some friends?  Someone out there knows someone. 

When you have a name, you can "nominate" the family by clicking the "comment" button below or e-mailing me...I'll need a name and a brief bio or explanation for why you've chosen that family.  

As soon as the EP is available, I'll be letting you know--I'll give you a link to post a "Download" button on your webpage, and we'll keep you posted on sales.  I will not recoup my production/mastering expenses, but I will be able to recoup my set-up costs after the first 25 full-EP downloads.  I would LOVE to be able to send a $500 check to someone before Christmas...with your help. Wouldn't that be so cool? 

Let's be in touch!