2 Days, Free Album Download!

Hey, friends!  Yesterday was my birthday, and though I've never thrown myself a party (or wanted to), I would love to give you the gift of giving me the gift of giving your friends the gift of music.  

How about it?  :)
Until Wednesday morning, 6am, FRAME THE CLOUDS is available in its entirety for FREE at www.noisetrade.com/christawells (or click here).  Please let your friends know, because letting people experience the music is my desire, and as we all know, we're willing to try new things mainly because someone we know and trust said it's worth trying.  

If you don't have the full album yet, visit Noisetrade and get it yourself by referring 5 friends.  When you do this, you are NOT signing them up for anything, nor will they become part of my or Noisetrade's mailing list!  They'll simply get a note from you recommending this music.  Let them know it's only up there in its entirety for a couple of days, or else they'll miss it.  

If you do already have it, you can just send an email to your favorite people letting them know about this nifty little deal.  

happy birthday to me!