"Wow. Cool. Thanks!"

Oh, man.  I have fought the good fight against this cold virus--and I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet--but it is definitely keeping its dukes up.  That dry throat tickle is the worst, is it not?  The way it comes on all of a sudden, when you're mid-sentence, and suddenly you're on the floor racked with coughs, and everyone is uncertain and wondering how to help.  It's greeeeeaat. :)

But tomorrow, I'll climb into the truck with my family and head north to West Virginia to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Wells clan...and it's going to be delightfully cold, and we're going to be sinfully well-fed, and we'll be so grateful for all the family around the table(s)...

And I will be thankful for you, too.  Seriously, I am.  You may think you're anonymous (and, well yes, you are), but I know you're out there, smiling at me and reading my words, listening to the music, and hoping and praying good things will come from it all.  That means so much.  Art is meant to be shared, and that means that you, the listener, are absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the creative process--for me, at least, that's true.

So I just came to say "many thanks" for what you do. 

I trust you will make the very most of your holiday, and I would really LOVE to hear from YOU some surprising things/people/happenings/etc. in your life that make you want to say "Wow.  Cool.  Thanks!".  Hit the "comment" button now!

Much love and peace,