This one goes out to the ones I love...

Thanksgiving 2013 - A year of much-given.

A year of fear & trembling & trying & saying yes to fear & trembling & trying.

A year of waiting & wondering & wonder & wondrous.

Twelve months of questions & answers that lead to more good questions.

An autumn of waiting, winter of writing, spring & summer of releasing & another autumn of working what was released.

Of being opened for and in and through songs.  The mystical power of music.

This has been a year that’s heard me say “thank you” out loud more than most. Heard me sing how I am made more by your love that imagines and believes and smiles back.

It's true.

And I'm afraid "grateful" doesn't cut it.  I’m a girl with eyes turned down, leaving the room awkwardly, embarrassed by graces undeserved.

Laid low by the deep affection I feel for the people I share this road with.


You (individually you, you are not a blur of faces) I grew up with, share blood with, went to school with, shared an office with.  You I've just met but feel I've known for centuries somehow and wonder how I survived this long without you...

Down the street, in the church, at camp, in the front/back rows of concerts, online…

You Kickstarter supporters. Oh, you Kickstarter supporters. No words are enough. They will never, never be enough.

You who mentor, friend, pastor, encourage, bear with, cry with, stay with…me. Despite what you’ve seen.

Despite the ways I’ve let you down.

It’s not that I think it’s all about me. It’s that I know it’s not. That’s why it’s so breathtaking - how you love.

So. Thanksgiving 2013.

I give thanks on this day and every other day for who you have been, who you continue to become, to this humble life.

Here's hoping your upcoming year finds you with eyes open.  That you'll catch so much light that you'll be just such a blubbering mess of thanksgiving, too.

Always love, christa