The Truth About Weather

Outside my window premature spring is battling for the day with not-done-yet winter, and we are leaving our jackets behind only to wonder if we've moved too soon.  Is it going to rain?  Wait--sun's back out.  A bit of wind...and then quiet again.

Inside my house walls, there are several of us, living together, eating together, playing and working together...and honestly, predicting the moods of any one of us is often trickier than forecasting the weather without training.  Not only moods, but preferences, stages, perspectives, priorities.  On a given day, the question is not "Will there be conflict today," but "with WHOM?"  :)

I am reminded that I have no power to make someone become who I want them to be.  I sometimes have the power to make someone BEHAVE how I want them to behave.  But that's a temporary and superficial effect--an altogether different thing (though we parents tend to confuse the two)  Ultimately, I have some control over who I will become, under the artful and oft painful shaping of God's hand.  

I am clay.  I am no potter.

And I am far from being finished myself!  That knowledge alone brings some patience and humility.  


Can you tell I'm dealing with a bit of frustration?  ;)  So the only practical wisdom I offer is this:  When you are struggling with anything... 

Speak Truth to yourself and surround yourself with people who will also speak the Truth to you.  

We have to constantly tell ourselves what we know is True.  Lies come easily and often.  Truth is precious!

Thanks.  I feel better already. :)  And for the moment, I am comfortable in my short-sleeves.  I love that kind of weather.

Peace to you and yours,