The Good, the Bad and the Stinky

The good news:  Our dog finally worked 20 chocolate chip cookies through his system and did not die, despite days of dry heaving and other unbecoming symptoms.

The bad news:  He followed it with an entire block of whole milk mozzarella know, the really good kind you slice up with fresh tomatoes and serve with balsamic vinegar.  Mmm.  Would have been very tasty.  

More good news: We have enjoyed a few cooler nights and some rain here in the Carolinas.  

Bad news:  Our A/C has been out for 5 days now.  (Okay, I'll admit gratefully that we have separate systems upstairs and down, but it's the upstairs that's been 85-90 degrees, and this is where sleeping is supposed to happen?  Memories return of our first home in Indiana with no central air...)  Last night, I tried the downstairs couch, Toby slept for a while with his back on the seat of the oversized armchair and his long man legs draped over the arm.  Tonight the kids are piled on the piano room floor and we're going to try out the family room floor.  Sort of rethinking having those hardwoods installed where there was once nice, soft carpet (remember the stains, remember the spots!)  

Life is always exciting here in the Wells household, let me tell you.  Lots of music and dancing and laughter and sticky floors and bloody elbows.  And always, ALWAYS, interesting conversations going on, like when Sofia (age 7) asked me the other day if we had had Samuel (our 2 year old son) neutered.  Apparently, parts of him resemble Dasher's parts in her mind.   Or when Rowan told our babysitter that Aidan was born before Toby and I were married (not true, btw).  :)  Free entertainment, that's what we call it.

So, the reason I have been absent lately is not only due to the political conventions we've been watching at night, though that's surely part of it.  We also, though, did the bravest thing we've ever done as parents when we embarked on a cross-country roadtrip with our five children, driving through Tennessee into Oklahoma to visit Toby's wonderful family and then down to Austin, Texas, to spend four sweet days with some dear friends.  We made our way home by way of New Orleans, just before the threat of Gustav emptied the city.  Needless to say, I was not quite human by the time we reached home.  I am only now feeling recovered and ready to face the rigors of the new fall schedule.  

On the music front:  I am getting really, really excited about recording again.  I have several newish songs and several on the way to being completed, and I think you'll really like them.  My hope is to have the material written and arranged before Christmas and get them "on tape" shortly thereafter.  I'll keep you posted on that project and post some clips here and there, as well.  

In other music news:  the local band (name still being decided) and I have been devoting ourselves to preparing for fall/winter gigs, and I'm anxious to tell you about an opportunity for you to be involved in sharing the music and the experience with your friends.  No pyramid scheme involved!  No concert hall to rent!  Are you ready?  

Yes?  Great! Thank you! Tune in next time for a complete how-to page.  :)  

Right now, my body is telling me to close my eyes, and I'm inclined to obey.  Ah, yes.  The ottoman is pushed aside and the blankets are laid out on the seems the kids' voices have finally quieted and the only thing left is to bring stinky cheese dog inside.  

All is well.  :)