Surprised by LIFE

It wasn’t entirely selfless.  Obviously, I enjoy food, friends, music-making and a great speaker as much as the next girl. :)
Nicole and I had been talking for a while about how amazing it would be to invite a bunch of chicas to get together for some sort of retreat, create our own event, including--but not centered--around our music.  And so it happened that the idea was born for this Surprised by LIFE Mini-retreat, with Paula Rinehart's book "Better Than My Dreams" as our thematic centerpiece and featuring Paula herself as our guest speaker.
My sister and brother-in-law, Reagan & Tom Mountain, graciously (eagerly!) agreed to host us all for the day-long event at their beautiful new home in Franklinton, NC.  This home was thoughtfully planned and built and given the name “The Faraway” with the intention of hosting events just like this one, as well as workshops and individuals and families in need of rest and refreshment.
More than forty of us – most local, but some from Virginia, Charlotte, and southeastern NC -- gathered last weekend for all kinds of nourishment.
Silence, nature, reflection, discussion, delicious natural food, live music, and wonderful, wise Paula!
It was…very very good.  Would love to do this – or something like it – again.  Maybe you'd like to join us next time, or try out your own version in your community?