Hey, there, cyberquaintences (or should that be "-ances"?? I've always been quite poor with suffixes

  I'm only going to allow myself five short minutes to greet you tonight with the promise (or threat?)  of more to come, possibly even tomorrow.  Tonight we have just returned home from Orlando, Florida--DRIVING with aalllll the kids AND a friend of ours...yes, I did sit in the back seat and am now quite certain we should be paying our 10yo son for his work in that "position."  :)  We were in Orlando in order for me--and our friend--to attend a Peacemaking conference hosted by Peacemaker Ministries.   I was inspired, challenged and ... well, maybe a little overwhelmed, but in a good way...and I'd love to share some new thoughts with you.   

Here's one little appetizer for you.  We were so lucky to get to hear Peter Cuzmic, whose credentials are not in front of me at the moment but who is a native of Croatia and has I believe founded a seminary there.  He also teaches up in Boston, and I'll have to get you the accurate titles later.  Anyway, he was a vibrant, witty, intelligent and articulate speaker who left me longing to have some great occupational reason to go overseas.  :)  One thing that came from his mouth onto my page of notes is this:

"If we ignore the world, we betray the Word.  If we ignore the Word, we have nothing to bring the world."

I find this to be so beautiful in its Truth and relevance (suffix help?) and have been rolling it around in my brain since I heard him say it.  It just might be a new addition to my short list of favorite quotes.  Not just because it's catchy--there are too many catchy, nonsensical phrases that get thrown around.  Nonsensical or just not helpful.  But for me at least, this statement speaks to the heart of the tension people of faith carry and MUST carry in order to be faithful servants to God and humankind. 

If you are not already familiar with the book The Peacemaker, I highly recommend you run quickly to Amazon or the bookstore of your choice and get it.  It's not easily digested necessarily and I was glad to read it in a group.  But it will take your concept of what it means to reconcile, or even to forgive, and make it look like standing on the  first step of the Eiffel Tower and saying "I know the view from the top."  Most definitely, if the Church much less the rest of the world understood, embraced and practiced real peacemaking (as opposed to faking it and breaking it), I can only imagine how different our families, workplaces, communities, politics (!) would look. 

ahhh, this has been more than five minutes.  Shoot.  I have so much on my mind and writing it out for someone--you!--is often helpful to me.  Whether or not it's helpful to you is another story!

Oh.  I know you may be to ease the suspense and garner your sympathy, the answer is NO, we still do not have our A/C fixed!  Hard to believe, but it has now been a month, I think.  But of course, it's been much cooler lately (lucky for them!), and it is supposed to be replaced tomorrow morning.  So there you go.  Thank you, Michelle, for offering to share your home.  Thankfully,we've been able to open up the windows and get along pretty well.  The drama!  ha ha

Well, must go.  Talk more soon. 

love and PEACE,