One is silver and the other is gold...

I've been a delinquent blogger.  I readily admit it.  But I console myself with the belief that sometimes we are too involved in the living to bother with recording--by blog, handwritten journal, or even camera.

Recording is good.

Not recording is good, too.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend two blissful talking-walking-eating days with the girls I met my first day at college.  I was a weepy little thing that day, unwilling for my parents to leave me there, even though I had looked forward to it for a long time.  

But they did leave, of course, and there I was in Morrison Dorm, 2nd floor, with a bunch of noisy girls, newly liberated from the confines of childhood.  They were absolutely crazy.  And we were all so different from one another.  But something took.  :)

My assigned roommate, Jen, and I stuck together for three years until Toby stole me away.  We lost one of our seven to another school after the second year (she's returned to us now!), but the rest of us managed to remain a circle of friends in Anderson, Indiana, throughout those four or five years, graduating--or not--at different times, choosing different majors and careers, different lifestyles...but holding on to our connection, even now.

We have "recordings" to show it.  

I wish I could insert here the picture of us at graduation (well, the graduation of part of the group) that Christine showed us this weekend.

There is something unique about people who have known you a long time.  Because I grew up in the military community, I didn't really experience this much when I was younger.  But I so appreciate it now--the treasure of being with people who have seen me grow, loved me at my worst, and know me well.  Such a gift.  

I remembered this from Brownies: Make new friends, but keep the old: One is silver and the other is gold.

So.  That's how I spent the weekend (thanks to my indulging family who fended for themselves with smiling faces).  Keeping the old (not a reference to age!!)  

And you know what?  I didn't even take a camera.   

But I am glad the others did.  :)