*Since I posted this last night, I realized only a few posts back, I'd said nearly the same things!!  What's the matter with me, I have no idea.  Either I'm more sleep-deprived than I knew, or this is really where I'm at right now.  Thanks for putting up with redundancy.  Now you have to admire my family even more--just think of what they have to endure.  :)

I've been smiling a lot this week.  I’m pretty sure I’m the luckiest girl in the world. ☺ 

Actually--I don’t believe in “luck.”  But you know what I mean. When I think of how many minutes and hours and months of my life have been spent not realizing how much good there is around me, around us, I shudder. 

I have a son who struggles a lot with a general grumpy outlook, especially in the morning. He almost growls in the morning. 
"Hey, buddy, good morning!  How're you doing?"  


He’s not the only one—come on, we know who we are. ☺ 

He and I talked the other day about how it’s really hard, if not impossible, to be grumpy and grateful at the same time. I remember a few years ago Oprah (I haven’t watched in years, though I did attend a taping in college) had some emphasis on her show about thankfulness. She encouraged her viewers to get a journal and start every day with a list of five things for which they are thankful. I tried it. But I have a habit of not forming habits, so I fell off the wagon quickly. Still, I have tried recently to spend my first waking thoughts giving thanks. Guess what? It totally makes a difference. It’s true. It’s hard to be grumpy and grateful at the same time. 

So.  In light of that statement...

Five things I’m thankful for right this minute: 

1. My husband, kids, parents, siblings 
2. The friends I’ve had the pleasure of working with this week 
3. The fact that I get to do what I love 
4. Rain 
5. A good, hearty laugh

Your turn!  And Happy Friday to you and yours.