from the chapbook: Linford Detweiler

"I want to be known (if I am to be known at all) as one of the great lovers of life.  I want to make love to these days in new--or at least tender and timeless--ways, to make the trees sigh and the sky kneel for a closer view.  (If a few others close their eyes and smile for a few moments with me, it is enough.)  I want to dip this paintbrush pen into the best places of my heart--those places I have all but forgotten--and paint pictures that might convince even me that I was not born in vain.

We will write to go about the work of saving our lives.

Tentatively, new words come like a still small voice.  This is my unspoken request.  By some miracle, I ask that my life be a work of art, even if I never see it as such..."