Caped Crusaders

So... I'm elated because I've just figured out a problem I was having with my Mac!  Problem solved!  All by myself!  Hooray!  

I'm currently sitting in the bathroom supervising a rotation of children going through bath and shower.  First came the 4 and under boys who wrestle and climb and splash and yell.  I literally had to drag them out kicking and screaming and now they are wearing caped pajamas and talking in really low superhero voices.  The girls are up now, trying to figure out which bottle is shampoo and which one is conditioner and which one goes on first, anyway.  I remember the days of being a child playing in the shower, begging Mom to let us take the umbrella in to play "rain."  These days, the tubs just aren't large enough to be truly satisfying, and I'm lucky to get to stay in long enough to run out of hot water (which is totally wasteful, anyway, and I do not endorse!).  

Pretty soon I'll get them in bed, arrange some Christmas songs to rehearse with the band later tonight, and head out the door, as Toby heads in from a meeting.  I can't complain because we have actually had two date nights in a row, thanks to my brother-in-law's birthday last night.  I am truly grateful for the spontaneous frivolity.  I was thinking how much fun it would be to give that as a gift to someone this know, beyond food and clothes which are needed basics many can't afford--but what about surprising some family with tickets for a Christmas show and dinner out...that would be so much fun!  When possible, I think it's a good thing to give beauty to people whose lives and surroundings just aren't offering much of it.  At times I've wondered what would be live with little food, or little beauty.  That may sound really ignorant and naive.  I only mean that beauty can remind people of hope forgotten...


Someone's crying.  A breakdown in the superhero chain of command, I think.  This is going to require an intervention from the one person with the power to set things right.

Yeah, that would be me.  

Oh, wait...that was a surprising twist...a kiss from the youngest masked avenger!  Aww.  

Problem solved.

Talk to you soon...