Can it be the end of May?

I'm so sorry.  I know you've been lying awake at night, wondering, aching: WHEN will Christa give us some new insight into life and gardening and music-making?! 

I know.  I'm terrible at this.  And frankly, I don't honestly believe I have anything important to say here--when I have something fabulous and important to say, I usually run upstairs to my 3rd floor hideout and write a song.  Or maybe call a friend (though my close, personal friends can attest that is a rare thing indeed).  But I can't deny that we're at a whole new place these days--with the 24/7 accessibility of the internet--and we love to read and interact here.  It's great!  Admittedly, I do not have the time to keep facebook page will look exactly the same next week this time as it does right now.  This is in contrast to one of my sisters, who posts new photos of her family AND MINE every other day or so.  :)  She is busy staying in touch and reconnecting and discovering new music.  I'm so glad for people like her.  I am blogging for her.  :)

So!  May has been blowing by with hurricane force and here we are nearing June and summer already!  I LOVE spring and summer, so I'm thrilled.  But let's not get away from May quite so eagerly.  May, like her name, has been a sweet little thing.

I spent the first couple of weeks in Nashville--staying with my parents who live on the most beautiful 70 acres, complete with sunset view from the kitchen window, and a creek at which the children frolick in their undies, searching out lizards and playing charades on the great, flat rocks that are layered around the water.  I also spent a lot of time writing, both with other writers, and by myself at the house.  Writing alone is my most favorite thing in the world, but I have to say I really enjoyed getting to know a couple of country writers better on this trip, and I'll tell you why.  I don't write country music, though I can occasionally wander into folk-ish territory.  But what I love about these writers is that they gravitate toward visual lyrics/imagery/metaphor even more than I do!  I love that!  In popular music--Christian and secular--the opportunity to tell a story, to communicate brilliantly in a fresh, tangible way, is often missed.    If you would like to hear some work by the writers I'm referring to, look them up!Their names are: Luke Sheets and Nicole Witt. I also had the privilege of writing with some other wonderful people, including a young artist named Jessica Campbell.  Jessica is as genuine as they come and has a truly lovely voice and if you hear she's in your area, you should definitely go and see her.

I'm really looking forward to demoing a couple of the new tunes I've been working on.  When that's done, I'll put them up here and will enjoy hearing your feedback. 

Now, as for what else has been shakin' around here, the most exciting thing is that my youngest sister, Mandy (aka "Rogers" of the Rogers/Wells project) has just last week given birth to her first baby!  I'm so happy for her I can hardly stand it, and my sister Reagan and I will be heading out to meet our new niece tomorrow night!

Also, we're having a new driveway poured.

And now you can sleep. :)

Peace to you and yours,