audrey caroline smith...tiny body, big purpose

Today I am grieving what appears to be the end of a significant chapter in a very young life.  Today I am weeping into my coffee and onto my keypad.  Today I am asking for a miracle, and also for supernatural comfort to wrap His arms around dear friends.  Today my hands can fix nothing of import, but my spirit can join many in prayer.  Today is the day when Audrey Caroline Smith will be delivered into this world and then...barring miraculous intervention...into her eternal home with her eternal Father. 

To be clear, I am not sad for Audrey Caroline, because although I wish she could know her amazing family here on earth and live a life with them here, ...I also deeply believe that the best experience here cannot possibly compare to what Audrey will find waiting for her beyond these 4 dimensions.  I am not grieving because I think God made a mistake and now things will not be as they should be...because I deeply believe God is sovereign and works for our good and His glory.  I am grieved because two precious human beings are losing the "sacred" today...a child...and we are designed, built, to feel ripped apart when death wins here, even though we know it is temporary.  It is unimaginably painful and I would love nothing more than to see God "let this cup pass" from Todd and Angie. 

Angie Smith has been sharing their story through an incredibly moving, articulate and vulnerable blog.  I strongly urge you to take the time to go there because it will most definitely change you, warm you, hurt you, delight you, challenge you, enlighten you.  They have traveled a long road in a few short months.  And right this minute, before you read another sentence, please pray for God’s peace and comfort and perfect will to be accomplished today.  I could say more about this, but will let you instead read Angie’s own words. 

Still thinking of children and what a blessing they are...I sang a couple of songs for a celebration of adoption last night with some friends who are entering their second adoption.  How beautiful it is to see people open their hearts to the idea of bringing children into their families this way!  As some of you know, Toby and I adopted our 4th child from Guatemala 4 years ago...we had always wanted to adopt or foster children and honestly are still open to doing so again down the road.  Frank and Sue, who organized the event last night along with another couple, showed a video they had put together of several families who have adopted both domestically and you might imagine, there was not a dry eye in the place.  Once you really open yourself to looking at the situations of so many children awaiting are forever changed.  I would love to see more people get involved with finding families for orphaned children...Not everyone is able or led to adopt a child, but what about supporting other families financially?  You can be a huge blessing to someone who is desiring to adopt but struggling with putting the money together.  Why not keep your eyes open for a family like that and suprise them with a donation?  What an awesome thing, to invest in a child’s life in such an impactful way!  :)  Thank you, Koehlers and Armstrongs, for inviting us all to celebrate with you.  Awesome.

p.s. In case you’re wondering, I haven’t forgotten about songcasting, but honestly have been too swamped to do it YET.  But I will.   

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