a little rain

It's beginning to storm outside. (summer storm streaking light loud lovely)

I cannot lie…yesterday found me in an increasingly foul,frenzied mood.  It’s amazing how things can go from serene to stressed in a matter of hours.  After running one child to and from camp, feeding them all (again), getting another ready for ballet photos, dashing out the door with all five to find ourselves on time at the wrong location, correcting the error, picking up a friend, scraping a bag of snacks/dinner together and running down to swim practice…with zero time to myself…well, let’s just say I was no longer able to conjure up even a fake happy face.

By the time Toby got home at 8pm, I was ready for bed, practically already in my pjs.  I’d had my fill of passive-defiant children, and the fact that no small portion of my “agenda” had been accomplished had me drinking self-pity  and frustration in gulps.

  (aaaahh…Does this make you feel better?  It does me to admit it!) 

Thank goodness for my beautiful husband who commanded me in no uncertain terms to “get your book and get in bed.”  Ha ha.  Does he know me, or what?  Soooo, half a page later, I was OUT.  Until 4:30am, when Dasher the demon dog came tapping into the room, wide awake at the wrong time. 

But it’s okay…I was fairly awake by then, as well.  I got up a couple of hours later and made coffee (which, as our friends know well, is normally Toby’s territory), and spent the early morning talking with Toby and reading & praying on the back deck. 

I’m deeply grateful for a new day...a clean slate...a little rain.