New EP!

Original Art by Rocky Horton / Design by Shelly Eve

Original Art by Rocky Horton / Design by Shelly Eve


One week ago I released a brand new project called Velveteen. (Get it digitally HERE + physical copies HERE). I’m pretty excited about this collection of songs, because I wrote them not from other people’s stories but from my own. I could never have foreseen either the tragedy or the gifts that are coming through the tragedy, but they are both real. 

Sooner or later, like the Velveteen Rabbit, we find ourselves in the middle of a fire, and we either let it destroy us, or we let it remake us. I’m choosing to let all the pain and uncertainty and discomfort be the water in my face that wakes me up to the essence of life which, as it turns out, has nothing at all to do with having the things or approval or outer success. It doesn’t even hinge on having the people, contrary to what we have been taught.

Until we are forced to uncurl our fingers from things and people and false identity, we tend not to. It’s that simple. And the fear of being forced to keeps our fists tightly clenched.

My hands were forced to release at least a couple of my attachments, though not all. And here I am still living, breathing, and making the best work I can make. Not destroyed. More free than ever.

I’m going to tell you the stories of these songs in various ways, and have already begun doing so.

Here’s a film my talented and big-hearted friends at AdventureUs made to shine a light on track 6, One Day. I hope you enjoy it & also subscribe to their channel, because they are all about finding the true and the beautiful.

And of course I hope you'll buy the album, because I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy & appreciate it. :)

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