On internet OCD & the finish of pre-Christmas touring...

It's been a full week of music with Nicole here until this morning...played a wide variety of shows both with full band and just the two of us.  For a wide range of people (stories for telling over coffee!).  Meeting new people, making new friends, catching a glimpse of different cultures and lifestyles, is super interesting and exciting to me.  And  I can't tell you how much fun it is to work with such a talented and energetic musician as Nicole Witt.  Oh, and the guys - Dale Baker, Jamie Moore, Andy Wood - just amazing people.  Seriously, what a great privilege and blessing to get to have so much fun while working.  

And yet, we are very tired and ready to join our families for a holiday rest.  :)  

With that, I'll touch on what I mentioned in my last post - internet OCD.  Not going to let myself ramble this time.  :)  Let's just say that it hit me a couple of weeks ago just how much time I was spending in front of this screen.  And not all at once, but in tiny splices of hours throughout the day, which accumulate like drops of water in a bucket.  How quickly we slip into a sort of obsessive compulsive "must-check-my-inbox/FB/tweetdeck/whatever-everytime-I-pass-the-desk."  

There are days when the hours at the computer are legitimately productive and helpful and necessary.  Booking and promoting, communicating with listeners and venues and collaborators.  

Other times, it's simply a horrible misuse of time.

Often, it is a presence thief that steals my attention from the people who are really in the room with me.  

And almost always, it contributes in some subtle way to an increased stress level because I'm inviting yet more information (mostly irrelevant) into my already overcrowded headspace.   

Years ago, I released myself from the sense of obligation to answer the ringing telephone.  

Yet now I've obligated myself to be constantly available to the greater world through online news, email, social networking sites, and website maintenance.  

So...I'm beginning to draw some lines.  Create boundaries before the cyber-sea carries me away from the tangible, the flesh and blood, the silence, and the pleasure of occasional solitude.  I am a grown up with the freedom to decide what kind of life I want to live, afterall.  We don't need to be slaves to the technology that is supposed to serve us.

That's it.  That's all I wanted to throw out to you.  Feel free to add your thoughts here.  Or not.  Maybe you'd rather converse with your room-mate who's right there on the couch?  

love and peace,