"How Emptiness Sings" - Live at Northview, Indianapolis

Although my brain is a constant buzz of activity, I find it hard to, carve out time to journal.  Most weeks the best I can muster is the jotting of 3 or 4 sentences of prayer and a few song ideas on scraps of paper, alongside the "get milk & eggs" list.  Solitary time is scarce and reserved mainly for reading, prayer and songwriting.  Thus, you get a video this week instead of deep thoughts. And next week...I'll be at Masterpiece, so you might just get some cool & fun photos of our mayhem there. But I did have an extremely enjoyable weekend up in Indianapolis, not far from my alma mater Anderson University, visiting funny & talented college friends, my awesome 4-wheeling cousins and making music.  Here you'll see  a beautifully filmed "How Emptiness Sings" shared Sunday morning.  Thank you, Northview, for inviting me to talk & sing.  It was an honor to worship with you all.

How Emptiness Sings from Northview Church on Vimeo.