The Destination by Mandy Rogers Horton

The Destination by Mandy Rogers Horton

This piece by my sister, Mandy Rogers Horton is a companion to my new song about our lives and earth and work as sacred space. I love the many & varied windows and invasion of green inside the cathedral-like enclosure.

It’s pretty easy to be either flippant or harried with our days and with our relationships, desires, and work.  Easy to compartmentalize, designating one day or aspect of our lives meaning-ful, and hanging the domestic and the uncertainties and the unattractive people and the “things on the way” out to dry. It’s in the pause, the long gaze of gratitude, and the co-creating that we recognize the preciousness of every breath and really begin to live.

After reading Jon Foreman’s introduction to Charlie Peacock’s book, New Way To Be Human, I pretty much ran to the piano and started writing this song. So thank you, Jon Foreman, for your insights, and I hope you’re flattered and not offended that I borrowed them.



You think singers & dreamers

Invent escape from the real

Oh, but they have eyes to see

What must be revealed

There’s a kingdom before us

whose gate is always open

Looks like earth & sounds like human voices

And it feels like heaven


Holy, Holy

All that is within us

All that is without

All of life is holy ground


If your compass points to wealth & fame

It has been altered

There is only one true north

One good road to follow

When you lift your eyes you’ll find

The view is ever wider

Til the vanities fade and your love burns

Brighter and brighter




We’ll take our shoes off

Honor the moments of our days

Find our treasure when we give our love away

What a gift to hold this in our hands

Behold the beauty

See the face of God in a grain of sand

Holy Holy

Holy Holy…


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