The Collection by Mandy Rogers Horton 

The Collection by Mandy Rogers Horton 

A few weeks ago when it was finally my turn to pick the movie, the kids and I sat down to watch Little Boy which I’d been eyeing for a few weeks. I loved it & was only mildly surprised to learn it was made by Metanoia Films, producers of another favorite, Bella.

The story behind this new song involves a reference that may be a bit of a spoiler for a particularly great moment in the film, so feel free to save this post for later if you plan to watch it.

(Note: This isn’t a review of the film, but as an aside I do heartily recommend it, because it was such a beautiful balance of tragedy & hope, and we found it both entertaining & provocative.)


Little Boy is a young kid whose life has been turned upside down during the war. He’s lonely. He’s fearful. No one can promise him his circumstances are going to improve or that loved ones are ever going to come home again.

One day the community’s children are gathered in a theater, and a magician chooses him to volunteer onstage and allows Little Boy (and the audience) to believe that Little Boy, by his own inner power, willed a bottle to slide across the table. He leans towards it groaning and stretching his small arms to pull it through the air towards himself.

And the object obeys.

Little Boy is as shocked as anyone else, but now his mind is working on the greater implications of this newfound power of his. What else might be possible?

Then a sermon is preached on Matthew 17:20, and he hears that the power to “move mountains” is directly tied to faith the size of a mustard seed. So naturally, he heads to the local grocery and gets himself a mustard seed to examine. Doesn’t look so big.

Next, Little Boy visits the priest (Tom Wilkinson!) and asks him how one goes about getting a faith big enough to make big things happen.

And this is the moment that lodged itself in my thoughts for weeks.

Little Boy mentions to the priest his success on the magician’s stage, and the curious priest sets a wine bottle on the desk and gently asks for a demonstration.

Little Boy stretches his hands out in the direction of the bottle, closes his eyes, and grunts and strains, willing the bottle to come toward him.

Nothing happens.

The priest says, “Try again.” Little Boy takes a deep breath, stretches, grunts and strains again.


The priest says, “Try it again.” Little Boy repeats the effort, and by now your heart is breaking for this disillusioned child, as nothing happens again.

The third try is no different, until suddenly and swiftly…

The priest grabs the bottle and moves it to the boy’s side of the desk.

“There, you did it.”

Little Boy’s face is crestfallen, and he says, “No I didn’t move it. YOU moved it.”

The priest replies, “You MOVED ME to move it.”

I don’t pretend to comprehend the mysterious ways of God or the power of prayer or the seeming inconsistency in the changing of circumstances through faith. There must be a thousand differing opinions on the other spiritual insights offered in the context of this film. Plenty of room for those discussions around any dinner or pub table.

But that singular image of the desperate boy and the priest’s response that, in the midst of my own mountainous landscape, stayed with me and became something musical.

I write songs that reflect humans as we really are, in the context of a God-centered worldview.

I like to explore the questions we ask even if they don’t have easy answers. This song represents our side of the conversation.

Hear a preview of the song here & join the Tribe to get all 12 songs:

Can I Move You
Every one day feels like a decade
Carrying this weight
Where did you go to
Don’t you know I need you
The situation is grave
There’s a light on the other side
But there’s a hill I’ve yet to climb
I thought I had the strength
But I was wrong
Won’t you roll this rock away
Can I move you?
Can I move you?
Can I move you to move this mountain?
Can I move you?
Can I move you?
Can I move you to move this mountain?
I heard a witness praying to Jesus
Hands laid on his lap
If you’ve been listening
Don’t hold it against me
My faith don’t look like that
I’ve been waving at the sky
If you see me, don’t pass me by
Hear the hope inside my doubt
I want to feel the quake
Before the sun goes down
Can I move you?
Can I move you?
Can I move you to move this mountain?
Can I move you?
Can I move you?
Can I move you?
I don’t think I’m shouting into a void
I don’t think that I’ve been just making noise
I’ll keep it up until I get your attention
‘Cause I have seen you show up in the past
And my heart’s not giving up yet
No, I’m not giving up today