singing the same song...

Hi, friends,

I’ve been spying cardinals in the shrubs and catching the faintest hints of spring in the air. Another few weeks will land us in the first week of April, when the good stuff really starts happening in here North Carolina. But it may be a bit longer for some of you, so while the chill lingers a few more weeks, let’s have some music, shall we?!

This is an invitation for you to be creative & have some fun. You’ll make me smile at the same time, so it’s really a win-win.


It’s been one full year since the release of my COVERS ep, and that project has a special place in my heart for all its dark beauty and uniqueness.

When your write a song and send it out into the world, it stops belonging to you and starts belonging to other people’s joy & grief & love & loss. The songs we covered on this project belong to many of us. The  music I’ve made belongs to some of you & has been invited into sacred spaces I myself could not enter.

When you sing along in the car or kitchen, you bring yourself to the melody and re-imagine it without even realizing it.

And THIS is the greatest reward for a songwriter…knowing someone else is singing the same song.

It is validating not only as an artist but as a human being whose solitary experiences and thoughts have somehow echoed those of a complete stranger.


For as long as there have been humans, I imagine there have been voices singing. Call-and-response. Community. I hear you. You hear me. We’re in this together.

In celebration of the COVERS project – and just because! – I’m asking YOU to cover any one of MY songs & post it for all of us to enjoy.

TO ENTER THE CONTEST: Choose any one (or more) of my original songs, and film & post your own live cover by midnight MARCH 10, 2016.


1. You must be a human of any age & gender to participate. You do NOT have to be a professional or aspiring singer. You may incorporate whistling.

2. A Youtube performance is preferred, but audio recordings accepted if posted publicly online.

3. Melody & lyrics must be featured in some way, but be as clever as you want to be.

4. Winner will be selected by random drawing.

5. Please include the song title followed by “by Christa Wells” (ie. Cover of “Fly” by Christa Wells – COVERS CONTEST) and #coverscontest

6. Tag me or post to my FB or Twitter (@christawells) feed, so I can share your work!


all my music + Frame the Clouds digital songbook + t-shirt + hand-lettered journal  + FYS bracelet + fame & fortune (okay, maybe not that)

I’ll even inscribe the lyrics to your favorite CW song inside the journal if you’d like.


Here’s to us, and to the coming of spring.